16 Days of Activism

The annual 16 Days of Activism includes several activities to help raise HIV/AIDS awareness, assist affected individuals, and promote healthy lifestyles. The next event will is scheduled from 25th November to 6th December 2008. Activities will be held in San Ignacio, Belmopan, and Belize City.

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is a project that promotes HIV/AIDS awareness. The event is held annually on 1st December. Themes in Belize focus on national issues, youth, stigma, and women's empowerment and will be created in collaboration with HIV+ people. The 2008 campaign stressed how change will be affected. Local schools, HIV business coalition, and speakers were represented in a march and fair. In the past, teens have participated in Street Beat, a grassroots organized march that involves handing out flyers and condoms. Marketing initiatives include mass text messaging for food at discounted prices sponsored by BTL and WAD.

Peace March

Peace March (August/Sept 2008)

Youth Ambassador Program

Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) is a youth group (aged 14-25) working to provide HIV/AIDS education to the local community. YAP strives to educate young people who can be positive role models in their community and help change people's attitudes and behaviors in relation to HIV/AIDS. Young volunteers raise HIV/AIDS awareness via market stalls, workshops, presentations and events. Youth also participate in social activities and enhance personal development issues.

Voluntary Counseling and Testing Center

Voluntary Counseling and Testing Center (VCT) is a group that assists AIDS families affected by HIV. Trained counselors help to reduce stigma and discrimination, dispel myths, and make HIV services more easily available. Rapid testing is available as well as antiretrovirals for those who qualify. The National AIDS Commission and the Ministry of Health recognize the VCT as a valuable resource. VCT is financially supported by the Government of Belize.

Child Protection Task Force

Child Protection Task Force is part of a UNICEF project.

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand Ministries is treatment center and outreach program for children who have or are affected by HIV/AIDS. The organization also teaches life skills, offers scholarships, builds homes and provides feeding programs.