Cayo AIDS Committee (CAC) is a coordinating and reporting body for HIV/AIDS activities in the Cayo District of Belize. CAC is a district committee of the National AIDS Commission, the national AIDS foundation of Belize. The organization raises awareness of HIV/AIDS to communities within the Cayo District. The executive committee and members plan specific programs that seem most needed. These include educational outreach to raise awareness and advocate prevention, and aid for people with or affected by HIV/AIDS. CAC encourages community members to participate in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

CAC aims to:

  • Implement programs on HIV/AIDS at the district level, medical and support
  • Advocate for and support safe, confidential and friendly voluntary counseling centers and services
  • Support the process of developing the National HIV/AIDS Policy and Legislation and enforce it once it is in place
  • Create awareness about HIV/AIDS and advocate in its prevention and de-stigmatization campaign
  • Ensure the greater involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and those affected
  • Coordinate direct assistance for PLWHA

Belize Facts:

Belize has a population of 314,300 and an estimated HIV rate of infection of 2.1%. This ranks Belize 1st in Central America and 4th in the Caribbean for rate of infection per capita. These staggering statistics represent a major challenge in Belize communities, including the Cayo District. For more information on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Belize, read about the statistical data.